Afraid of memory phrases leak? Salletone reinvented Cold Wallet

I bet cold wallet users all shared similar concerns, not the loss of the wallet, not the broken wallet but the leak of the memory phrases. When the cold wallet hardware is broken, a new wallet can be purchased without affecting the stored asset security; however, when the memory phrases are leaked, all the cryptocurrencies stored can be transferred instantly. It would be such a tragedy when the owners lost everything overnight.

I’ve been using cold wallet to store my cryptocurrency and have bought four different devices. I purchased salletone without hesitation.

Recently, salletone comes up with this “black technology” to solve the memory phrases leak problem. It is said that salletone has become the most secure cryptocurrency storage device in the world after another upgrade to the wallet security.

Let’s see how it works.

For those who have used salletone cold wallet before, you would know that salletone has been supporting both random memory phrases generator and users own choice of memory phrases to create your wallet.

This time, they presented the third way to create your wallet: users choice of memory phrases + salt.

Memory phrases alone are not enough. Salt adds another layer of security. Double security locks guarantee the stored asset security.

When creating memory phrases wallet, the device will ask you to input your salt. The salt could be the online password you use all the time or any letters and numbers combination. Combined with salt and memory phrases, the hardward will create your wallet.

Then how do we restore this new upgraded wallet?

Unlike before, users use only memory phrases to restore wallet. To restore the new wallet, both correct memory phrases and salt are required.

Even if your memory phrases are leaked, nobody else will be able to restore and steal your asset with only the phrases. They will have to know your corresponding salt to be able to successfully restore your wallet.

This is the cold wallet I have been waiting for. It is simply amazing!

Here is the picture of the my awesome device:

Salletone Cold Wallet
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