What is a cryptocurrency cold wallet?Let’s show you how to use a digital currency wallet step by step

In layman’s terms, a cold wallet is a wallet that stores cryptocurrencies offline. This wallet is a hardware device that is completely disconnected from the Internet to store cryptocurrencies. Users generate cryptocurrency addresses and private keys on a cold wallet and save them. Therefore, hackers cannot enter the wallet to obtain the private key, which is absolutely safe.

Let’s take salletone, the world’s recognized safest cold wallet device, as an example to explain the process of creating a cold wallet.

Step 1: Purchase salletone cold wallet through salletone’s official website. It’s the only place where you can place your order at present for two main reasons. One is the security of the wallet and the other one is making sure you receive a legit wallet not a fake.

Website and purchase address: https://www.salletone.com/?r=front/product

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Step 2: Create your own cold wallet

The Salletone cold wallet provides users with three ways to create a cold wallet. Let’s show you how to create a cold wallet with the most secure way “user-selected memory phrases + salt”:

1. Open the SalletOne hardware device, select the language, and click [Create wallet]; read and check the privacy agreement and user agreement, then click [Next]

2. Set up wallet password and password reminder information, read about memory phrases

3. Create memory phrases, select the memory phrases + password (with salt).

4. When using memory phrases + password (with salt) wallet for the first time, please be sure to read the user instructions carefully and fill up the professional risk assessment questionnaire before using it. After the selection is complete, click [Next]

5. Set up memory phrases password, click [Confirm]

You can customize and add 12 memory phrases from the standard phrases pool. After the input is complete, click [submit] in the upper right corner to view and record the customized memory phrases. You can choose [Backup is completed for verification] or [Back up later] 】

6. Click [Backup is completed for verification], enter the chosen memory phrases in order to confirm, and click [Confirm] after confirmation.

7. The self-selected memory phrases+ password (salt) wallet is created successfully



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